CFSM 3-Month Agreement


At CFSM we strive to make our workouts both assessable and effective. Over the years we’ve learned that a short term membership contract is the best way for you to commit to us and for us to commit to you.  We know that if you train with us regularly for at least three months you will be well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.  That three month commitment also allows us to be able to spend the extra time with you that you may need as a new member without charging an expensive initiation or on ramp fee.

Below is the text of our Three Month Membership Agreement that you will be required to sign as part of our standard monthly membership. If you do not wish to have any commitment we have a more expensive month to month option.

CFSM Three Month Membership Agreement

  1. Agreement – This agreement is between First Phase Health and Fitness, LLC (DBA CrossFit Santa Monica), hereafter referred to as “CFSM”, and the individual electronically signing this document via WOD Together software found at hereafter referred to as “member” This agreement is entered on the date tracked by the electronic signature via WOD Together.
  2. Membership – Member agrees that they are entering a contract for membership at CrossFit Santa Monica, 2433 Main St Santa Monica, CA. Member agrees to pay the membership fees for each month of the membership in advance on the first day of every month except for the first month of membership which shall be prorated from the day of enrollment to the last day of the month.  Member agrees to allow CFSM to automatically charge their method of payment on file for all membership fees.  Member agrees that there this agreement shall remain valid even if the member relocates or is otherwise inconvenienced by attendance at CFSM.
  3. Initial Term – Member agrees that the initial term of this contract is the first partial month of membership plus three (3) additional renewal months of membership. Member agrees to pay the then prevailing rate of membership for the entire term.
  4. Renewal and Renewal Term – Member agrees that this agreement will automatically renew for three (3) months at the end of the initial term and all subsequent renewal terms unless cancelled in accordance with section 7.
  5. Fourteen Day Right of Rescission – Member has fourteen (14) days from the first day of membership to cancel this Agreement in accordance with paragraph 6 without penalty or any additional charge. Any membership fees paid by the member before their notice of cancellation shall be retained by CFSM and shall not be refunded.
  6. Cancellations – Member agrees that all requests for cancellations must be submitted via the online Cancel form located at other methods (verbal, letter, email, etc.) of notice for cancellation shall be valid. Member must submit the request for cancellation a minimum of five (5) days before a renewal for cancellation request to be valid.
  7. Membership Holds – Member may pause their membership during any portion of this agreement by providing notice ten (10) days in advance of the requested hold date via the online Hold form at other methods (verbal, letter, email, etc.) of request for holds shall be valid.  The member may pause their membership from fourteen (14) days to two (2) months.  One membership hold is permitted per agreement term or renewal term. CFSM reserves the right to either pro rate fees or extend membership dates to accommodate membership holds.
  8. Early Termination – Member may cancel this agreement at any time for a $125.00 fee. Member must provide notice on cancellation at least 5 days in advance to avoid a renewal charge. CFSM will not refund any membership fees.
  9. Arbitration of Certain Claims –  Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement shall be settled by binding arbitration conducted by JAMS/Endispute, in accordance with JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures.
  10. Electronic Signature – All parties agree to use electronic signature via WOD Together in lieu of an original signature on paper.
  11. End of Agreement – This Agreement ends at Paragraph 11.