Life is better at the beach.

BeachFit  season April - October Saturday at 10:15am.

Meet at CrossFit Santa Monica at 10:00am & bring your flip flops!

Come work out your tan and your fitness as you get a great cardio and strength workout on the beach. Wear clothes that you can get sandy and maybe even (optionally) wet. You will work in kettlebells, hurdles, body weight and a little taste of Navy SEAL training.

BeachFit is our signature class at CrossFit Santa Monica. Offered Saturday’s spring, summer, and fall seasons, BeachFit is about working outside the box in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Workouts are heavily cardio focused and use training regiments from CrossFit, Ocean Lifesaving, Navy SEAL training, and good old-fashioned running.  Workouts include body weight exercises, kettlebell work, soft sand running, and resistance training. 

As we say in the gym, “Life’s a beach, time to get your body ready.” BeachFit, by far one of our most popular classes, is the best way to get that beach body ready.