Make it a lifestyle, not a duty.

CardioFit is exclusive to CrossFit Santa Monica and is a high energy, hour-long class that is a mix of CrossFit and interval training – with aspects of Navy SEAL training mixed in. The main focus of CardioFit is weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility and of course, fun. Similar to some cardio boot camps, CardioFit is perfect for the athlete looking for and action packed hour of fitness without the heavy weightlifting. CardioFit is especially popular among our female athletes.

CardioFit specific classes are seasonal at CFSM, but every class incorporates metabolic conditioning and the CardioFit curriculum is built into the traditional crossfit programming.  The emphasis in all our classes is building great metabolic conditioning (cardio) while maintaining strength and incorporating some resistance training to prevent plateauing. CardioFit classes can include light dumbbell and barbell work at high volume in order to build conditioning and strength simultaneously.  In contrast to much of the boutique fitness world, CardioFit (and CrossFit) classes focus on measurable quantifiable and repeatable results. Our metrics include time, repetitions, weight, distance, in workouts that can be tracked over time to measure progress. Many boutique fitness gyms focus on heart rate, which is an imprecise measure except in clinical settings. The focus on our CardioFit program is on results, measured by being able to do things.