The Magic Hour

This Saturday we will be starting the New Year Whole Life Challenge.

This will mark two years since our first time entering the challenge as a team. I remember back then a few weeks before the challenge was about to start thinking to my self if it would be a good opportunity for the gym, a fun challenge to bring to the members and help strengthen our community. Little did I know it would change my relationship with food for ever. I have began to understand on an experiential level all of the nutritional practices I had been preaching for over 5+ years to clients and athletes. Feeling the benefits and effects for my self gave me a greater level of understanding and knowing that making the small changes can make a HUGE difference.

The challenge has also given me an opportunity for reflection and presence. That is why I am so excited to begin this challenge again. We are starting the first week with one of my favorite challenges, disconnecting from the digital world and creating a space to be with myself, my wife, my friends, and be in the physical world. They call the challenge this week the “Golden Hour”. Here are the simple instructions so you can follow along even if you are not participating in the challenge.

Simple Instructions:

  1. For one hour each day, shut down things like phones, email, texts, TV, and social media, and be with yourself.

  2. This should not be during a time when these items would be off by default anyway, like your commute.

  3. Use this “Golden Hour” to mine the gold in your life: do things that are personal and enriching for you. This could be meditation, journaling, reading, taking a walk, or spending uninterrupted time with loved ones.

  4. We recommend starting the day with this practice, but if the morning is impractical, you can do this at any time during the day, even at work.

If you want to learn more about the challenge and how to get involved follow this link.

Kaj Larsen