Time To Celebrate

As the Crossfit Open comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you (and myself) on another amazing year of fitness. Let’s take a step back and cherish all the moments that got us here today: every extra pound we add to the bar, every pound we lost on the scale, PR’s and workout “firsts.” Every day you wake up is a personal record, one more day on planet earth! 

An important step in everyone’s fitness journey is self-recognition: a step that, in my opinion, is too often overlooked or overshadowed by our own comparison to others. Give it up to yourself for kicking ass every day! 

 Author and speaker John Stahl-Wert says it is important to celebrate milestones for five reasons:

• As humans we are called to grow. “Becoming more” is essential. We suffer when we don’t grow. Every milestone deserves notice. It is affirmation of an accomplishment.

• Growth is nourished by encouragement. Celebrate even the small steps because “small is where big comes from.” We guide others toward bigness through encouragement.

• Acknowledging milestones gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we have been, where we are now and what we can learn from this part of the journey. Our growing and achieving is for the greater purpose of our service to the world. Achievement, in and of itself, doesn’t fulfill, and without reflection, we are trapped by an insatiable avarice to fill a bottomless hole.

• Nothing locks in learning like a party. It signifies that the accomplishment really matters.

• Celebrating milestones reminds us to give thanks for everyday moments. When we pause to celebrate something that is noteworthy, the act of slowing down invites us to notice everything else.

Party Time! Excellent!

-Coach Day