What Do You Stand For?

CrossFit Santa Monica is more than a gym. It is a place where we exercise our beliefs and values. This gym was born out of the military service of its founders. The gym shares the same Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  At CFSM every coach and every member are expected to adhere to the spirit of these core values.

We honor our strength, our bodies, and our fellow athletes in the gym. We are committed to equality and respect of each athlete in the gym. We celebrate all ages, races, genders, incomes, and  physical abilities. The most important muscle at this facility is your heart.

We practice courage every day. Every day we challenge ourselves and our fellow athletes to do better. Some days it is just showing up to the gym, other days it is setting a personal record. We improve by facing our fears, learning a new skill, embarking on a hard workout. We persevere past pain, we do not quit, and through grit and determination we grow.  

In the corner of the gym hangs a bell just like the one at the compound in SEAL training. It is a symbol reminding us to keep going, that the mind can overcome the limitations of the body.

We have a commitment to ourselves and our community (in and out of the gym). We commit to being the best versions of ourselves. By training the body, we train the mind, and ultimately seek virtuosity in the gym and in life. This pursuit brings us greater health and joy and that spirit is infused into every workout we do.












Kaj Larsen