Handstand Workshop

Handstand Workshop


Handstand Workshop with Erika Gasztonyi (@erika.gasztonyi)!

Is a handstand something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but just can’t quite seem to get? Have no idea where to start, or just feel stuck? Or maybe you have a handstand already, and want to take it to the next level, learn fancy shapes, how to press, etc? Or somewhere in between?

Whether you are just starting out your handstand practice, or are looking to advance it further, this workshop will give you the tools to help reach your handstand goals! Erika will cover several exercises and progressions, and will break down technique concepts and movement patterns to help you build the strength intelligence and body awareness needed! 

Saturday February 16th 12-3pm

Topics covered:

Forearm, wrist and hand activation, strength and mobility

SASS (Straight arm scapular strength)

Core activation, strength and stability

Balance Concepts

This workshop is for ALL LEVELS! All participants are welcome, whether you are a brand new beginner, an experienced practitioner, or anywhere in between! Kids over 10yrs welcome!!

(free 2 hour parking)

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